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Table 1 Characteristics of subjects

From: Beneficial association of angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and statins on the occurrence of possible Alzheimer’s disease after traumatic brain injury

 Possible ADNon-AD
A. Analysis of association of TBI with development of dementia with possible AD
 Age80.9 ± 6.770.1 ± 10.1
  African American677997,782
B. Analysis of association of medications with development of dementia with possible AD after TBI occurrence
 Age76.9 ± 8.564.5 ± 9.8
  African American351243
  No med921957
  Beta blocker35868
  ACEI + beta blocker15262
  ACEI + metformin2133
  ACEI + statin14359
  Beta blocker + statin21394
  Beta blocker + metformin389
  Metformin + statin12159
  1. Note: “Medication” designates single and combination patterns of the four target medication classes. Subjects who were prescribed medications other than the target medication classes in the dataset are included as “No med” group. Subjects who were on any of those medication classes at the start of study window or were prescribed three or four of those classes are excluded