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Fig. 5

From: Contactin-2, a synaptic and axonal protein, is reduced in cerebrospinal fluid and brain tissue in Alzheimer’s disease

Fig. 5

Immunolabeling of contactin-2, Aβ42, and pTau in hippocampal postmortem human AD brain sections. CA subiculum areas of hippocampal sections stained with anti-contactin-2 (a,d), anti-Aβ42 (b), thioflavin S (e), and anti-phosphorylated tau (f). Merged images are shown in c. (contactin-2 + IC16), g. (contactin-2 + thioflavin S), h. (contactin-2 + AT8), and i. (contactin-2 + thioflavin S + AT8). Areas with reduced contactin-2 expression (shown by white arrows) can be seen in AD brain sections in and around areas with neuritic amyloid plaques. Areas marked with blue arrows have been magnified in the inserts

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