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Table 3 OMP (+) OSNs in 5xFAD mice compared with age-matched WT mice

From: Region-specific amyloid-β accumulation in the olfactory system influences olfactory sensory neuronal dysfunction in 5xFAD mice

  % of OMP (+) cells (mm2)
Endo 65.29 ± 5.10 62.70 ± 4.04 (ns)
Ecto 71.11 ± 3.95 52.74 ± 5.25 (***)
  1. Data are represented as percentages of OMP (+) cells in the OE (mm2) (means ± SDs). For statistical analysis, a two-way ANOVA was performed, followed by the Bonferroni post hoc test. OMP olfactory marker protein, OSNs olfactory sensory neurons, AD Alzheimer’s disease, 5xFAD five familial AD mutations, endo endoturbinate, ecto ectoturbinate. Statistical significances are denoted as follows: non-significant (ns); ***P < 0.001