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Table 3 Results from the home-EEG measurements (maritime pilots only)

From: Effects of long-term sleep disruption on cognitive function and brain amyloid-β burden: a case-control study

Measures   Rest week, n = 13 Work week, n = 13 p value
Home EEG TST, min 406.17 (340–425.98) 318.56 (250.21–352.93) 0.001*
  DST, min 51.34 (48.37–69.30) 36.75 (32.30–58.58) 0.005*
  1. Data is shown as median (IQR) (for not normally distributed data)
  2. Home-EEG recordings were performed in 2019 in maritime pilots only using a dry single-lead EEG device (Philips, Eindhoven, The Netherlands)
  3. Abbreviations: TST total sleep time, DST deep sleep time
  4. *Significant at p < 0.05
  5. Means calculated based on sleep periods within work week or rest week respectively