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Table 1 Primary antibodies used in this study

From: Young blood plasma reduces Alzheimer’s disease-like brain pathologies and ameliorates cognitive impairment in 3×Tg-AD mice

Antibody Type Specificity Phosphorylation sites Source/reference
R134d Poly- Tau   [10, 11]
pS199 Poly- P-tau Ser199 Invitrogen
AT8 Mono- P-tau Ser202/Thr205 Thermo Fisher Scientific.
pT212 Poly- P-tau Thr212 Invitrogen
pT231 Poly- P-tau Thr231 Invitrogen
PHF-1 Mono- P-tau Ser396/404 Dr. P. Davies [12]
Synapsin-1 Poly- Synapsin-1   Santa Cruz Biotechnology
Synaptophysin Mono- Synaptophysin   Millipore
PSD95 Mono- PSD95   Cell Signaling Technology
GFAP Mono- GFAP   Millipore
Iba1 Poly- Iba1   Abcam
CREB Poly - CREB   Cell Signaling Technology
p-CREB Poly- p-CREB Ser133 Cell Signaling Technology
Doublecortin Poly- Doublecortin   Abcam (ab18723)
β-Amyloid Mono-   Cell Signaling Technology
NeuN Mono- NeuN   Millipore
GAPDH Poly- GAPDH   Santa Cruz Biotechnology