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Table 1 Statistically significant correlations detected for individual proteins quantified at different disease Braak stages in brain extracellular vesicles (EVs) and remaining brain tissues

From: Alzheimer’s disease progression characterized by alterations in the molecular profiles and biogenesis of brain extracellular vesicles

Protein gene symbolCorrelated variablesCorrelation coefficient*p valuePotential interpretation**
MAGAD5 WBAD6 EVs0.990.040Degradation by EVs
GMFBAD3 WBAD4 EVs0.990.048Preclinical and early symptomatic rescue response in EVs
 AD3 WBAD6 EVs0.990.049
 AD3 EVsAD4 WB1.000.003Preclinical encapsulation in EVs
 AD3 EVsAD5 WB1.000.013Preclinical encapsulation in EVs
 AD3 EVsAD6 EVs0.860.003Abnormal uptaking late stage AD
Lamp1AD3 EVsAD4 WB0.990.039Ongoing Lamp1 synthesis during AD progression. Abnormal Lamp1 inclusion in lysosomes in AD progression
 AD3 EVsAD5 WB1.000.020
 AD3 EVsAD6 WB0.990.036
GAP43AD3 WBAD4 EVs0.990.046Preclinical and early symptomatic rescue response in EVs
  1. Correlations were calculated based on abundance of proteins identified in brain EVs and remaining brain tissues
  2. *Refers to Pearson correlation coefficient
  3. **Plausible interpretation of the protein role(s) based on the correlated variables involved in each identified statistically significant interaction(s) (parallel analysis brain EVs versus remaining brain tissues)