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Table 3 Unadjusted and adjusted model showing the association between days of use of sulfasalazine treatment and dementia diagnosis in people with rheumatoid arthritis using conditional logistic regression

From: Methotrexate and relative risk of dementia amongst patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a multi-national multi-database case-control study

Variable groupModel 0Model 1Model 2
Unadjusted OR (95% CI)p valueAdjusted OR (95% CI)p valueAdjusted OR (95% CI)p value
No sulfasalazine useRef Ref Ref 
Sulfasalazine use for 0.49 years (first tertile)0.60 (0.28–1.31)0.200.65 (0.30–1.41)0.280.65 (0.30–1.41)0.28
Sulfasalazine use for 0.49 to 2.21 years (second tertile)0.93 (0.45–1.93)0.850.94 (0.45–1.95)0.860.89 (0.43–1.85)0.76
Sulfasalazine use for > 2.21 years (third tertile)1.21 (0.58–2.51)0.621.16 (0.55–2.44)0.691.19 (0.57–2.48)0.65
  1. Model 0, no adjustment; model 1, adjustment for age, BMI, stroke and AMI; model 2, same as model 1 but not including stroke variable. OR odds ratio for dementia risk