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Table 2 Unadjusted and adjusted model showing the association between methotrexate and sulfasalazine treatment and dementia diagnosis in people with rheumatoid arthritis using conditional logistic regression

From: Methotrexate and relative risk of dementia amongst patients with rheumatoid arthritis: a multi-national multi-database case-control study

DrugModel 0Model 1Model 2
Unadjusted OR (95% CI)p valueAdjusted OR (95% CI)p valueAdjusted OR (95% CI)p value
Methotrexate0.76 (0.56–1.03)0.0760.72 (0.52–0.98)0.0360.71 (0.52–0.98)0.034
Sulfasalazine0.88 (0.57–1.36)0.560.89 (0.57–1.38)0.600.88 (0.57–1.37)0.57
  1. Model 0, no adjustment; model 1, adjustment for age, BMI, stroke and AMI; model 2, same as model 1 but not including diagnosis of stroke. OR odds ratio for dementia risk