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Table 1 Demographical and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biomarker values in the Montpellier (AD and NAD) and the WUSTL (amyloid (−) and (+)) cohorts. Results are expressed as means ± standard deviations (SDs). Abbreviations: MMSE Mini-Mental State Examination, AD Alzheimer’s disease, NAD non-Alzheimer’s disease; P significance level of the Student’s t test

From: Cerebrospinal fluid phospho-tau T217 outperforms T181 as a biomarker for the differential diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and PET amyloid-positive patient identification

Montpellier cohortNADn = 40ADn = 10 
Age (years)69.312.175.710.10.1330
Sex (% male)67.5%20.0%0.0070*
E_Tau (pg/mL)260182715304< 0.0001
E_pT181 (pg/mL)42.924.695.825.0< 0.0001
MS_pT181 (fmol/mL)23.813.260.227.7< 0.0001
MS_pT217 (fmol/mL)0.9481.06611.7405.006< 0.0001
WUSTL cohortAmyloid (−)n = 51Amyloid (+)n = 33 
Age (years)62.714.367.016.30.2063
Sex (% male)39.2%57.6%0.1007*
%E417.7%66.7%< 0.0001*
PiB-PET0.0460.0470.6700.293< 0.0001
E_pT181 (pg/mL)47.521.576.025.4< 0.0001
MS_pT181 (ng/mL)0.3500.2560.5960.312< 0.0001
MS_pT217 (ng/mL)0.0570.11210.2020.126< 0.0001
  1. *Chi-squared test for the comparison of two proportions