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Table 2 Diagnostic performance of individual and combined models in detecting Aβ-PET positivity at Youden’s cutoff

From: Plasma Aβ42/40 ratio alone or combined with FDG-PET can accurately predict amyloid-PET positivity: a cross-sectional analysis from the AB255 Study

Whole population (N = 59)
 Age+APOE4+Clinical Group0.9440.8050.6800.9454.840.07
 TP42/40+Age+APOE4+Clinical Group0.9440.9250.8470.97412.590.06
 AD-Conv score1.0000.6750.7061.0003.080.00
 AdjustedTP42/40+AD-Conv score1.0000.9230.8511.00013.000.00
Only CN (N = 39)
 AD-Conv score1.0000.7650.3271.0004.250.00
 AdjustedTP42/40+AD-Conv score1.0001.0001.0001.0000.00
Only a-MCI (N = 20)
 AD-Conv score0.8460.5000.7590.6361.700.31
 AdjustedTP42/40+AD-Conv score0.6151.0001.0000.5830.38
  1. Cases in which LR+ was not quantifiable were presented as –. Prevalence considered for each group calculation was corresponding to the present cohort: 30.5% in the whole population, 10.25% in the CN group, and 65% in the a-MCI group. PET PPV-positive predictive value, NPV negative predictive value, LR+ positive likelihood ratio, LR− negative likelihood ratio