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Table 1 Demographic and biomarker features of this population

From: Plasma Aβ42/40 ratio alone or combined with FDG-PET can accurately predict amyloid-PET positivity: a cross-sectional analysis from the AB255 Study

 Aβ-PET (−)Aβ-PET (+)p value
N (%)41 (69.5%)18 (30.5%) 
Age, mean (SD)71.6 (4.11)75.2 (5.65)p 0.014
Gender Female, n (%)18 (43.9%)9 (50.0%)p 0.665
APOE4 carriers, n (%)6 (14.6%)12 (66.7%)p < 0.001
Education level, mean years (SD)12.33 (3.96)10.56 (4.44)p 0.113
CN/a-MCI, n (% a-MCI)35/6 (14.6%)4/14 (77.8%)p < 0.001
TP42/40, mean (SD)0.1329 (0.0208)0.0997 (0.0197)p < 0.001
AD-Conv score, mean (SD)0.133 (0.162)0.384 (0.259)p < 0.001
  1. p value was obtained from Mann-Whitney or chi-squared tests as appropriate. SD standard deviation, CN cognitively normal, a-MCI amnestic mild cognitive impairment, amyloid-beta, TP42/40 total plasma Aβ42/40 ratio, AD-Conv score AD conversion score based on FDG-PET