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Fig. 1

From: Human amyloid-β enriched extracts: evaluation of in vitro and in vivo internalization and molecular characterization

Fig. 1

Quantification and evaluation of the Aβ-enriched extracts. a Western blot of AD sample 1 (AD1) and diffuse plaque sample (DP) using Aβ1–42 antibody. The last fraction enriched in Aβ plaques is shown boxed in order to identify Aβ monomer (4-kDa band), dimers, and multimers. b Ratio between western blot signal and Coomassie blue staining that reflects Aβ enrichment in the fractions. c ELISA of Aβ1–42 carried out with non-AD (non-AD1 and non-AD2), AD (AD1 and AD2), and DP samples. c Dot blot on the enriched extracts (P4) of the samples previously analyzed with western blot and ELISA. SEM images of AD1 extracts (a, b), AD2 extracts (c, d), DP extracts (e, f), and non-AD extracts (g, h). Scale bars: a, c, e, g, 1 μm and b, d, f, h, 200 nm

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