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Fig. 7

From: Peripheral administration of human recombinant ApoJ/clusterin modulates brain beta-amyloid levels in APP23 mice

Fig. 7

Effect of rApoJ treatment on Aβ phagocytic activity of microglial cultured cells. a Representative micrographs corresponding to BV2 cells pre-incubated during 24 h with/without rApoJ (0.1 μM) and then treated for 3 h with HiLyte Fluo 488-Aβ40 (0.5 μM). Blue arrows indicate cells containing HiLyte Fluo 488-Aβ40 (green). Cell morphology, visualized by TRITC-phalloidin staining, and cell nuclei with Dapi are shown in gray. b Confocal image showing the z-stack of a single cell containing HiLyte Fluo 488-Aβ40 (green), stained with TRITC-phalloidin (red), and Dapi (blue). c Fluorometric quantification of HiLyte Fluo 488-Aβ40 in fixed BV2 cells (Ex/Em = 503/528 nm). Data is expressed as mean ± SEM of 4 independent experiments performed in duplicates. *p < 0.05; ***p < 0.001

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