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Fig. 8

From: SAR228810: an antibody for protofibrillar amyloid β peptide designed to reduce the risk of amyloid-related imaging abnormalities (ARIA)

Fig. 8

Unlike 3D6, SAR255952 does not cause brain microvessel alterations. Representative histopathological events induced by 3D6 antibody after chronic treatment of 12-month-old female APPSL mice. a Perivascular microhemorrhages (arrows) with inflammatory infiltrates and arterial vessel wall degeneration, meningeal and cerebral arteries. Triangles represent amyloid plaques (hemalum, eosin and saffron). b,c Periarteriolar iron remnants of hemorrhage in blue. Note arteriolar media hyalinization (*) and perivascular inflammatory cell infiltrates (I) (Perl’s stain for iron with fast red nuclear counterstaining). Scale bars represent 100 μm in panel A and 50 μm in panels b and c

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