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Fig. 5

From: SAR228810: an antibody for protofibrillar amyloid β peptide designed to reduce the risk of amyloid-related imaging abnormalities (ARIA)

Fig. 5

In-vivo penetration of SAR255952 in brain parenchyma and long-lasting binding to amyloid plaques in the cortex of APPSL mice. a Successive imaging sessions performed prior to and following the i.v. administration of SAR255952 labeled with Dyelight-649 (red); amyloid plaques labeled by Methoxy-XO4 (green). b Higher magnification image showing that SAR255952 (red) decorates Aβ plaques (green) 144 h after i.v. administration. c Quantification of temporal changes in the antibody-DyeLight-649 fluorescence showing that SAR255952 accumulates on amyloid plaques while being cleared from the parenchyma. **p <0.01 , ***p <0.005 , versus . n.s. not significant

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