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Fig. 1

From: Addition of the Aβ42/40 ratio to the cerebrospinal fluid biomarker profile increases the predictive value for underlying Alzheimer’s disease dementia in mild cognitive impairment

Fig. 1

Comparison of MCI biomarker-based subgroups with clinical follow-up. Amongst mild cognitive impairment patients who progressed to Alzheimer’s disease during clinical follow-up (MCI-AD), the percentage of different biomarker-based subgroups was compared. Biomarker-based subgroups determined using either CSF Aβ42, t-Tau and p-Tau (gray bars) or Aβ42/40 ratio, t-Tau and p-Tau (black bars). LL low-AD likelihood, HL high-AD likelihood, IAP isolated amyloid pathology, SNAP suspected non-Alzheimer pathology; Aβ42 42-aminoacid isoform of amyloid beta, Aβ40 40-aminoacid isoform of amyloid beta

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