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Table 7 Estimated ‘net’ costs of dementia (SEK)

From: The societal costs of dementia in Sweden 2012 – relevance and methodological challenges in valuing informal care

  Social care sector Medical care sector Total
Step 1    
 Direct cost of care for people aged 65+ years 101,756 79,973 181,729 million SEK
 Direct costs of dementia 49,262 2904 52,166 million SEK
 Direct costs for PWD aged 65+ yearsa 46,144 2720 48,864 million SEK
 Direct costs of care for people without dementia aged 65+ years    132,865 million SEK
 Number of people aged 65+ years    1,828,283
 Number of people aged 65+ years without dementia    1,680,283
 Direct cost per person aged 65+ years without dementia    79,073 SEK
Step 2: costs per PWD    
 Gross cost per person with dementiaa (Table 2)b    398,226 SEK
 Exclude: direct cost for person without dementia as above    79,073 SEK
 Exclude: costs of informal care of PWD (Table 2)    67,318 SEK
 ‘Net’ direct costs    251,836 SEK
 ‘Net’ total costs (including informal care)    319,154 SEK
Step 3: aggregated costs    
 Aggregated ‘net’ direct costs of dementia aged 65+ years (148,000 PWD)    37,272 million SEK
 Aggregated ‘net’ direct costs all dementia (158,000 PWD)    39,790 million SEK
 Aggregated ‘net’ costs all including informal care aged 65+ years (148,000 PWD)    47,235 million SEK
 Aggregated ‘net’ costs all including informal care all dementia (158,000 PWD)    50,426 million SEK
  1. PWD Persons with dementia, SEK Swedish krona
  2. aAssumptions: similar for PWD aged 65+ years as for all PWD and adjustment factor (here, dementia aged 65+ years only) 148,000/158,000
  3. b1 € corresponds to SEK 8.77 and 1 US$ to SEK 6.96