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Table 2 Unit costs in base case

From: The societal costs of dementia in Sweden 2012 – relevance and methodological challenges in valuing informal care

  Unit cost (SEK)a Reference
Medical care sector   
 Hospital care 4780/day [49]
 Emergency room visits 2988/visit [49]
 Outpatient care visits (specialists) 3918/visit [49]
 Primary care physician visits 1140/visit [83]
 Other outpatient care visits 931/visit [49]
 Drug use 7080/year [55]
 Diagnosis in primary care 7017/diagnosis [84]
 Diagnosis in specialist care 12,095/diagnosis [84]
Social care sector   
 Higher-staffed institutional care 606,134/year [42]
 Group living 606,134/year [42]
 Lower-staffed institutional care 472,828/year [42]
 Day care 98,900/year [45]
 Home services 434/h [42]
 Dementia nurse 56,250/year [48]
Informal care 152/h [67, 68]
Indirect costs 357,600/year [67]
  1. a1 € corresponds to SEK 8.77 and 1 US$ to SEK 6.96