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Table 5 Correlations between learning over trials and retention and hippocampal volumes for the amnestic MCI group

From: Verbal and non-verbal memory and hippocampal volumes in a memory clinic population

  HVLT-R – LOT HVLT-R – Retention BVMT-R – LOT BVMT-R - Retention
R Hippocampus -.03 .17 .20 .22
L Hippocampus -.02 .22 .09 .20
  1. MCI Mild cognitive impairment, HVLT-R, Hopkins Verbal Learning Test-Revised, LOT Learning over trials (i.e., Trial 3 – Trial 1), BVMT-R Brief Visuospatial Memory Test-Revised
  2. Retention = Percent of information initially learned that is spontaneously recalled at Delayed Recall (i.e., Delay/Trial 3)