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Archived Comments for: Herbal therapy: a new pathway for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease

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  1. Ginkgo biloba has a proven benefit

    Siegfried Kasper, Medical University of Vienna

    7 December 2010

    Tian et al. arrive at a negative conclusion with regard to Ginkgo biloba for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease by relying on a Cochrane Review [1] and a study that did not really address the question they were trying to answer [2]. Unfortunately, the cited Cochrane review is flawed in that it lumps together studies using different Ginkgo products that can by no means be considered bioequivalent as well as studies in patients with different diseases or ailments (merely subjective memory complaints, mild cognitive decline, overt dementia). Obviously, it does not make sense to estimate a common effect size for 0.57 mg flavone glycosides and 0.97 mg ginkgolides per day in subjective cognitive complaints [3] and 58.8 mg flavone glycosides and 14.4 mg terpene lactones per day in dementia [4], as done in Birks' analysis no. 1.15. Furthermore, it is not true that three of the four most recent trials showed no difference between Ginkgo and placebo: the trials by Napryeyenko [4] and Mazza [5] showed significant superiority of Ginkgo biloba extract over placebo. The DIGGER trial [6] was an attempt to address two questions at the same time and was seriously underpowered after repeated downward calculation of the sample size due to recruitment problems.
    Finally, Snitz et al. [2] reported on a prevention trial in elderly people who were cognitively healthy or had MCI. It is not possible to draw any conclusions with respect to efficacy of Ginkgo biloba extract in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease from a prevention trial. It is also inappropriate to conclude from this trial that Ginkgo extract does not reduce cognitive decline, since there was no cognitive decline to be reduced, neither in the Ginkgo group nor in the control group.
    Recent meta-analyses that adequately considered inclusion diagnoses, extract type and dosing confirmed the efficacy of Ginkgo biloba leaf extracts standardized according to the European Pharmacopoeia at a daily dose of 240 mg in dementia and Alzheimer's disease [7,8,9,10].

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    Competing interests

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