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Table 3 Allocation of the individual items of the SIB into five new subscales

From: Rivastigmine in moderately severe-to-severe Alzheimer’s disease: Severe Impairment Battery factor analysis

New subscale SIB item SIB domain [[10]]
Factor 1: visual 26 + 30a + 30b: Color naming (blue + red + green) Language
27: Color matching Visuospatial perception
28: Colored block Memory
29: Color discrimination Visuospatial perception
30c + 34a + 34b: Shape identification (square + circle + triangle) Language
31: Shape matching Visuospatial perception
32: Shape Memory
33: Shape discrimination Visuospatial perception
Factor 2: language 4a: Write name Language
4b: Copy name Language
6: Months of the year Language
9a: Reading comprehension Language
9b: Verbal comprehension Language
9c: Reading Language
10: Sentence recall Memory
Factor 3: working memory/memory 2: Examiner’s name (immediate recall) Memory
5: Current month Orientation
7: City Orientation
12: Digit span (series) Attention
13: Verbal fluency Language
14: Examiner’s name (delayed recall) Memory
16 + 18: Using cup (photograph + object) Praxis
21 + 23: Using spoon (photograph + object) Praxis
25: Immediate recall of objects (cup + spoon) Memory
35a: Drawing (circle) Construction
35b: Drawing (square) Construction
36: Auditory span Attention
37: Visual span Attention
38: Delayed recall of objects (cup + spoon) Memory
Factor 4: praxis and social skills 1a: Shake hands Social skills
1b: Follow directions Social skills
1c: Sit/move to table/pull tray Social skills
3: Subject’s name Orientation
11a + 11b: Repetition (people spend money + baby) Language
39: Orientation to name Orientating head to name
40: Language ability (free conversation) Language
Factor 5: naming 8a + 8b: Descriptive naming (cup + spoon) Language
15 + 20: Naming object in photograph (cup + spoon) Language
17 + 22: Naming object (cup + spoon) Language
  19 + 24: Forced-choice naming (cup + spoon) Language
  1. SIB, Severe Impairment Battery. SIB domain allocation refers to the nine domains of the SIB, to which each of the items have been previously assigned. New subscales relate to the new factors generated from factor analysis of the 40 individual SIB items.