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Table 1 Summary of some recent multiplex Alzheimer's disease biomarker studies

From: Multiplex biomarkers in blood

Author Technique Biomarkers
Doecke et al. [41] Multiplex panel: Human Discover MAP, version 1.0; RBM 151 multiplexed analytes
Watt et al. [47] Copper immobilized metal affinity capture and SELDI Three candidate biomarkers in blood
Ray et al. [40] Filter based, arrayed sandwich-ELISA Chemokines, growth factors, and inflammation markers
Zhang et al. [48] Multidimensional LC in combination with one- and two-dimensional PAGE Serum-based biomarkers
  MALDI and ESI-MS Inflammatory response mediators
  ELISA multiplex platforms Amyloid beta
Henkel et al. [49] Anion exchange and reverse phase chromatography 12 high-abundance proteins from plasma
Choi et al. [50] Two-dimensional PAGE, western blot, and MALDI-MS Fibrinogen gamma chain and alpha1 antitrypsin
Lopez et al. [51] Affinity chromatography, spin columns and MALDI-MS Pattern of unidentified proteins in serum
  1. ESI-MS, electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry; LC, liquid chromatography; MALDI, matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization; MAP, multi-analyte profiling; RBM, rules based medicine; SELDI, surface enhanced laser desorption/ionization.