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Table 2 Screening for target and off target effects

From: The neurotrophic compound J147 reverses cognitive impairment in aged Alzheimer's disease mice

Screen Company
Lead Profile Screen (60 CNS receptors/transporters) Ricerca-MDS
Protein Kinase Screen (50 kinases - activity) Nova Screen
Protein Kinase (352 kinases - binding) Ambit
All phosphatases (Tyr and Ser/Thr) Caliper
Known proteases Caliper and Ricerca
Deubiquitinases, Esterases, Secretases, Caspases Caliper
5-, 12-, 15-LOX, COX-1 and 2, NADPH oxidase MDS
Deacetylase, Sirtuin SIRT-1, -2, -3, Proteasome, MAO A and B Ricerca
All phosphodiesterases and 5-CYPs MDS
  1. Various CROs screened a wide variety of potential targets at 10 μM J147 with no significant reproducible inhibition above 60% except for monoamine oxidase B (MAO B) and the dopamine transporter.