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Table 1 Cognitive functions and how they are tapped into by selected ADNIneuropsychology measures, as specified according to expert opinion

From: Modeling the heterogeneity in risk of progression to Alzheimer's disease acrosscognitive profiles in mild cognitive impairment

ADNI measure Cognitive function
  Episodic memory level 1 Episodic memory level 2 Episodic memory level 3 Word fluency Selective attention Cognitive flexibility Perceptualmotor speed
ADAS-delayed recall subscale X X X   X   
ADAS word recognition subscale X     X   
AVLT-Trial 6 X X X   X   
AVLT-List B X X    X   
Boston naming test     X X   
Category fluency*     X X X  
ADAS-number cancellation      X   
Trail making test A      X   X
Trail making test B      X X X
WAIS-R digit symbol substitution      X   X
  1. ADAS, Alzheimer's Disease Cooperative Study; ADNI, Alzheimer's DiseaseNeuroimaging Initiative; AVLT, adult verbal learning test; WAIS-R, Wechsleradult intelligence scale-revised; *average of vegetable and animalcategories.