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Alzheimer's Research & Therapy is the major forum for translational research into Alzheimer's disease. An international peer-reviewed journal, it publishes open access basic research with a translational focus, as well as clinical trials, research into drug discovery and development, and epidemiologic studies. The journal also provides reviews, viewpoints, commentaries, debates and reports.

Although the primary focus is Alzheimer's disease, the scope encompasses translational research into other neurodegenerative diseases.

Featured research article: Desire for predictive testing for Alzheimer’s disease and impact on advance care planning: a cross-sectional study

If people knew that they would develop Alzheimer's later in life, would this affect future care planning? In this study, Shefrin, Cenzer and Steinman conducted a cross-sectional study of US adults over 65 years old, and found that the majority would take a hypothetical definitive Alzheimer's test. The majority also said they would be likely to complete advance care planning as a result of such a test.

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Featured review: An update on semantic dementia: genetics, imaging, and pathology

In this review from Landin-Romero et al., they review recent neuroimaging, pathological and genetic research into semantic dementia. They conclude that the pathological homogeneity, clear diagnosis and clinical course make this syndrome a promising target for new interventions. To assist with this, they recommend emphasising the development of neuroimaging disease progression markers.

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Alzheimer's Research & Therapy is edited by Philip Scheltens, Todd Golde and Doug Galasko. Find the full Editorial Board here.


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Alzheimer's Disease International news

The 8th Iberoamerican Congress on Alzheimer's Disease will take place on 15-17 October 2016. Brazil is among the countries with the fastest growing population above 60 years of age, and faces major challenges when it comes to providing care, integration, mobility and services to this group of people. The conference will focus on 'Reinventing the long road: aging and longevity'.

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Featured collection: Lewy Body Dementia

Edited by Ian McKeith and James Galvin, this special series takes a translational view of Lewy body dementia from bedside to bench and back. Visit our collections page to find our full list of special series, including thematic series on Innate immunity and Traumatic brain injury.


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