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Table 3 Features attributing to the classification of β-amyloid positivity conversion in Model 3

From: Predicting conversion of brain β-amyloid positivity in amyloid-negative individuals

Feature Importance
Global SUVR 0.025
APOE e4 carrier 0.019
Right pars triangularis 0.016
Left superior parietal 0.016
Left inferior parietal 0.014
Left frontal pole 0.012
Right superior parietal 0.012
Left pars orbitalis 0.012
Right posterior cingulate 0.009
Left rostral middle frontal 0.008
Right pars opercularis 0.008
Right superior frontal 0.007
  1. beta-amyloid, APOE ε4 apolipoprotein E ε4, SUVR standardized uptake value ratio