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Table 1 Characteristics of basket trials for symptomatic agents in neurodegenerative disorders

From: The role of basket trials in drug development for neurodegenerative disorders

Drug Number of trials Goal of treatment NDDs included
Alprazolam 1 Reduced anxiety HD, AD
Ampreloxetine 1 Control of orthostatic hypotension PD, MSA
Apomorphine 1 Pain control CBD, PSP
Armodafinil 1 Improved attention, cognitive enhancement PD, DLB
AVP-786 1 Reduced disinhibition DLB, AD, PSP, HD, FTLD
AVP-923 2 Control of pseudobulbar affect AD, PD, HD, ALS
Botulinum toxin 1 Reduction of rigidity AD, FTLD
Cannabis 2 Improved sense of well-being, improved quality of life; reduction of pain, nausea, vomiting PD, CTE, ALS
Carbidopa 1 Improved motor function MSA, PD
Droxidopa 7 Improved motor and non-motor symptoms, increased blood pressure PD, MSA, PSP
Entacapone 1 Improved motor function MSA, PD
Incobotulinum Toxin A 2 Reduced salivary volume PD, ALS, MSA, PSP
Intepirdine (RVT-101) 1 Improved gait DLB, AD, PD
Lithium 1 Improved quality of life, reduced depression CBD, PSP
LY31544207 1 Cognitive enhancement DLB, PD
Memantine 2 Cognitive enhancement PD, DLB, FTLD, ALS
Midodrine 4 Control of orthostatic hypotension MSA, PD
MP-101 1 Reduction of dementia-related psychosis AD, FTLD, PD, DLB
Nebivolol 1 Control of hypotension MSA, PD
Nelotanserin 3 Reduced REM sleep behavior disorders, reduced visual hallucinations PD, DLB
NYX-458 1 Cognitive enhancement PD, DLB
Pimavanserin 2 Reduction of dementia-related psychosis with delusions and hallucinations AD, PD, DLB, FTLD
Ramalteon 1 Improved sleep efficiency HD, DLB, PD
Rimabotulinum toxin B 1 Reduced sialorrhea PD, ALS
TD-9855 1 Reduced orthostatic hypotension MSA, PD