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Table 2 Spearman correlation of serum p-tau231 and p-tau181 with CSF biomarkers in cohort 3

From: Diagnostic value of serum versus plasma phospho-tau for Alzheimer’s disease

  Serum p-tau231 Serum p-tau181
CSF Aβ42, pg/ml rho= -0.55; P=0.0006 rho= -0.66; P<0.0001
CSF total-tau, pg/ml rho=0.62; P<0.0001 rho= 0.73; P<0.0001
CSF p-tau181 (Innotest), pg/ml rho=0.55; P=0.0006 rho= 0.67; P<0.0001
CSF p-tau181 (Simoa), pg/ml rho=0.57; P=0.0003 rho= 0.71; P<0.0001
CSF p-tau231 (Simoa), pg/ml rho = 0.56; P=0.0004 rho= 0.70; P<0.0001
Serum p-tau231, pg/ml - rho=0.93, P<0.0001
Serum p-tau181, pg/ml rho=0.93, P<0.0001 -