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Table 7 NPIK Sleep Disturbance Score—adjusted analysis stratified by CDR statusa

From: APOE ε4, Alzheimer’s disease neuropathology and sleep disturbance, in individuals with and without dementia

  β SE p
CDR score 0/0.5, n=67
APOE ε4 statusb
  Heterozygous 1.21 0.60 0.048
  Homozygous 0.13 2.17 0.952
CDR score 1/2/3, n=142
APOE ε4 statusb
  Heterozygous 0.10 0.80 0.897
  Homozygous 2.77 1.93 0.048
  1. aAdjusted by age, gender, APOE ε2 status, NPI-D, NPI-E and NIA-AA ABC score
  2. bBaseline reference APOE ε3/ε3, ε2/ε3 or ε2/ε2