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Table 6 Univariable linear regression model to explore the association of estimated annual rate of change of cognitive and imaging biomarkers based on baseline ICA calcium score and volume

From: Intracranial internal carotid artery calcification is not predictive of future cognitive decline

Ln ICA calcium score as independent variable
Estimated annual rate of change in p-value § Coefficient (SE)
MMSE score 0.957 −0.016 (0.019)
CDR-SB score 0.957 0.008 (0.018)
PACC score 0.957 1.65e−4 (0.001)
WMH volume (mm3) 0.689 154.2 (118.5)
Total hippocampal volume (mm3) 0.957 0.161 (2.9)
AD cortical signature thickness (mm) 0.689 −4.39e−4 (3.41e−4)
Centiloid 0.957 0.01 (0.106)
Ln ICA calcium volume as independent variable
Estimated annual rate of change in: p-value § Coefficient (SE)
MMSE score 0.845 −0.015 (0.02)
CDR-SB score 0.845 0.007 (0.018)
PACC score 0.845 4.16e−4 (1.327e−3)
WMH volume (mm3) 0.7 0.153 (0.118)
Total hippocampal volume (mm3) 0.845 0.962 (2.94)
AD cortical signature thickness (mm) 0.7 −4.39e−4 (3.41e−4)
Centiloid 0.845 0.004 (0.021)
  1. Abbreviations: MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination, CDR, Clinical Dementia Rating Scale, CDR-SB, Clinical Dementia Rating Scale Sum of Boxes, PACC, Preclinical Alzheimer Cognitive Composite, WMH volume, white matter hyperintensities volume, Centiloid, measure of global amyloid disposition based on conversion of PIB or AV45 PET SUVRs to a standardized scale, AD cortical signature thickness, cortical thickness in signature regions affected in Alzheimer disease (see Dincer et al. 2020), Ln ICA calcium score/volume, natural log transformation of internal carotid artery Agatston calcium score/volume, SE, standard error of beta coefficient
  2. § p-values were corrected for multiple comparisons through estimation of the false discovery rate via the Benjamini and Hochberg method. Tests with a p-value of 0.05 were considered statistically significant in both regression models (denoted in bold)