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Table 5 Participants and session characteristics contributing to each set of longitudinal visits and variables

From: Intracranial internal carotid artery calcification is not predictive of future cognitive decline

Visit type Variables involved Total included visits (n) Number of participants (n) Between visit gap, month (mean±SD) Number of visits (median (lower–upper quartile)) Total person-time (months)
Clinical CDR-SB/MMSE 1316/1257 230 14.5±6.7 3 (2–5) 9902
Psychometric PACC score 1008 229 14.4±6.6 3 (2–5) 25018
MR session AD cortical signature thickness/Total Hippocampal volume 341/341 118 25.5±18.3 2 (1–3) 14509
WMH session WMH volume 214 83 30.6±16.8 2 (1–2) 5210
PIB/AV45 PET session Centiloid 102 46 40.8±21.3 2 (1–2) 10699
  1. Abbreviations: MMSE, Mini-Mental State Examination, CDR, Clinical Dementia Rating Scale, CDR-SB, Clinical Dementia Rating Scale Sum of Boxes, PACC, Preclinical Alzheimer Cognitive Composite, WMH, white matter hyperintensities, PIB, Pittsburgh compound B, AV45, 18F-AV45 (florbetapir), Centiloid, measure of global amyloid disposition based on the conversion of PIB or AV45 PET total cortical standardized uptake ratios to a standardized scale with arbitrary units ranging from 0 to 100, Total Hipp, total hippocampal volume, AD cortical signature thickness, cortical thickness in signature regions affected in Alzheimer disease