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Table 5 Evaluation of the prioritization algorithm using the 12 known AD-associated microbial metabolites among 220 microbial metabolites. A mean value of top 15.08% means that on average the 12 AD-associated metabolites ranked in the top 15.08% among the prioritized list of 216 microbial metabolites, which was significantly higher than the expected ranking of 50% based on random ranking

From: Gut–microbiota–microglia–brain interactions in Alzheimer’s disease: knowledge-based, multi-dimensional characterization

Input Mean (top %) Median (top %) P-value
Abnormal microglial cell physiology 15.08 13.89 3.19E−07
Abnormal microglial cell morphology 15.39 11.11 1.84E−06
Microgliosis 15.63 11.11 4.16E−06
Combined 14.39 11.34 1.06E−06