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Table 3 Mean and median rankings of 13 AD-associated mouse phenotypes among a total of 10,122 prioritized mouse mutational phenotypes for input phenotype “abnormal microglial cell morphology,” “abnormal microglial cell physiology,” and “microgliosis” separately or combined. A mean value of top 6.52% means that on average the 13 AD phenotypes ranked in the top 6.52% among the prioritized list of 9982 mouse phenotypes, which was significantly higher than the expected ranking of 50% based on random ranking

From: Gut–microbiota–microglia–brain interactions in Alzheimer’s disease: knowledge-based, multi-dimensional characterization

Input Mean (top %) Median (top %) P-value
Abnormal microglial cell physiology 6.52 2.27 2.67E−10
Abnormal microglial cell morphology 7.68 3.17 5.58E−09
Microgliosis 6.38 2.31 1.04E−09
Combined 6.36 2.32 3.72E−09