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Table 4 Multi-class classification features selected

From: Intracortical diffusion tensor imaging signature of microstructural changes in frontotemporal lobar degeneration

  Features Lobe
Left Hemisphere PerpPD inferior temporal L Temporal
PerpPD middle temporal L Temporal
PerpPD insula L Temporal
PerpPD entorhinal L Temporal
PerpPD superior temporal L Temporal
PerpPD caudal middle frontal L Frontal
PerpPD rostral middle frontal L Frontal
PerpPD superior frontal L Frontal
PerpPD pars opercularis L Frontal
PerpPD supramarginal L Parietal
PerpPD bankssts R Temporal
PerpPD inferior temporal R Temporal
PerpPD middle temporal R Temporal
PerpPD rostral middle frontal R Frontal
Right Hemisphere PerpPD superior frontal R Frontal
PerpPD precentral R Frontal
PerpPD lateral orbito frontal R Frontal
PerpPD superior parietal R Parietal
Whole Brain PerpPD  
  1. Table 4 shows the PerpPD values selected by PCA and used in the multiclass classification