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Table 1 Description of the GWAS studies used in the primary analysis

From: Herpesvirus infections and Alzheimer’s disease: a Mendelian randomization study

Variable/phenotype Sample size (cases/controls) Case mean/median AAOa Control mean/median AAEa % female, cases/controls Phenotype ascertainment
AD GWAS (secondary analysis) 21,982/41944     
ADGC 14,428/14562 71.1 76.2 59.3/59.3 Autopsy or clinically confirmed from health care records
CHARGE 2137/13474 82.6 76.7 67.3/55.8
EADI 2240/6631 75.4 78.9 65/60.6
GERAD 3177/7277 73.0 51.0 64/51.8
Herpesvirus infection GWAS
 Chicken pox 107,769/15982 45–60 45–60 51.9/37.0 Self-report questionnaires; vaccinated individuals were excluded from the controls in the chickenpox study
 Shingles 16,711/118152  > 60 45–60 55.4/48.4
 Cold sores 25,108/63332 45–60 45–60 52.0/45.2
 Mononucleosis 17,457/68446 45–60 45–60 60.5/50.3
  1. aThe 23andMe cohort did not provide the exact mean AAO or AAE in the infection GWAS; thus, we used the median age of their participants instead. AAE Age at examination or last follow-up, AAO Age at onset, AD Alzheimer disease, ADGC Alzheimer Disease Genetics Consortium, CHARGE Cohorts for Heart and Aging Research in Genomic Epidemiology Consortium, EADI The European Alzheimer’s Disease Initiative, GERAD Genetic and Environmental Risk in AD, GWAS Genome-wide association studies