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Table 2 Comparison of selected dementia risk models

From: Modifiable risk factors for dementia and dementia risk profiling. A user manual for Brain Health Services—part 2 of 6

  Cardiovascular Risk Factors, Aging and Dementia (CAIDE) score Australian National University Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Index (ANU-ADRI) Brief Dementia Screening Indicator (BDSI)
Development sample age range 39–64 Variable (population based) 65+
Development sample size 1409 903–2496 1125–13889
Mean length of follow-up, years 21 Variable (population based) 6
Accuracy (area under the curve or C-statistic)** 0.77–0.78 0.64–0.74 0.68–0.78
Demographic predictors
Functional impairment
 Difficulty with instrumental activities of daily living   
Health predictors
 Systolic blood pressure*   
 Body mass index*  
 Total cholesterol   
 Traumatic brain injury*    
 Depression*/depressive symptoms  
Lifestyle predictors
 Physical activity*  
 Social isolation*    
 Cognitively stimulating activities    
 Fish intake    
Genetic predictors
APOE e4 carrier   
  1. *Modifiable risk factor identified in the 2020 Report of the Lancet Commission [8]
  2. **Range includes the development and validation test results