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Table 1 The societal challenges encountered by the Brain Health Service model and accompanying recommendations

From: Societal and equity challenges for Brain Health Services. A user manual for Brain Health Services—part 6 of 6

Challenge Recommendation
A focus on self-referring individuals does not reflect social determinants of brain health Individualized approaches should explicitly account for social and economic distribution of risk
Brain Health Services should commit to wider work with communities to address social and economic determinants of health
Individualized risk reduction strategies face significant psycho-social barriers to implementation Measures to reduce risk should recognize the importance of changing environments, rather than behaviors
The evidence for risk reduction should be discussed with individuals contemplating changing behaviors
Specialist Brain Health Services risk compounding inequalities in access to clinical services Evidence is needed of the value of extending services to asymptomatic populations in terms of long-term effects on brain health
Brain health programs should consider and evaluate their impact on health inequalities