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Table 4 RF feature importance calculated for the selected MRI volumetric features using an RF-importance filter strategy

From: Data analysis with Shapley values for automatic subject selection in Alzheimer’s disease data sets using interpretable machine learning

Anatomical brain structure Feature name RF-importance
Left hippocampus Left-Hippocampus 0.035
Left entorhinal cortex lh_entorhinal_volume 0.033
Right amygdala Right-Amygdala 0.032
Left middle temporal gyrus lh_middletemporal_volume 0.029
Left amygdala Left-Amygdala 0.028
Right hippocampus Right-Hippocampus 0.026
Right entorhinal cortex rh_entorhinal_volume 0.021
Left fusiform gyrus lh_fusiform_volume 0.020
Right banks of superior temporal sulcus rh_bankssts_volume 0.019
Left supramarginal gyrus lh_supramarginal_volume 0.019
Right middle temporal gyrus rh_middletemporal_volume 0.017
Right fusiform gyrus rh_fusiform_volume 0.017
Left superior parietal lobule lh_superiorparietal_volume 0.015
Left inferior parietal lobule lh_inferiorparietal_volume 0.014
Left banks of superior temporal sulcus lh_bankssts_volume 0.014
Right cortex rhCortexVol 0.013
Left inferior temporal gyrus lh_inferiortemporal_volume 0.013
Right nucleus accumbens area Right-Accumbens-area 0.012
Left insular cortex lh_insula_volume 0.012
Left cuneus lh_cuneus_volume 0.012
Right inferior parietal lobule rh_inferiorparietal_volume 0.011
Left transverse temporal gyrus lh_transversetemporal_volume 0.010
Left pars opercularis lh_parsopercularis_volume 0.010
Left pericalcarine cortex lh_pericalcarine_volume 0.010
Left superior frontal gyrus lh_superiorfrontal_volume 0.010
Left posterior cingulate cortex lh_posteriorcingulate_volume 0.010
Left isthmus of cingulate gyrus lh_isthmuscingulate_volume 0.010
Right inferior lateral ventricle Right-Inf-Lat-Vent 0.010
Right isthmus of cingulate gyrus rh_isthmuscingulate_volume 0.010
Right thalamus proper Right-Thalamus-Proper 0.010
Left globus pallidus Left-Pallidum 0.010
Right superior frontal gyrus rh_superiorfrontal_volume 0.010
Right insular cortex rh_insula_volume 0.010