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Table 2 NeuroCart activities and parameters included in the algorithm

From: A cross-sectional study in healthy elderly subjects aimed at development of an algorithm to increase identification of Alzheimer pathology for the purpose of clinical trial participation

Activity Cognitive domain Parameter
Visual Verbal Learning Test (VVLT, 30 words) Memory - Delayed word recall number correct
- Immediate word recall number doubles, 3e trial
- Immediate word recall number incorrect 1st trial
- Delayed word recall number doubles
- Immediate word recall number doubles, 2e trial
- Immediate word recall number doubles, 1st trial
- Immediate word recall number incorrect 3e trial
- Delayed word recognition number incorrect
- Immediate word recall number incorrect 2e trial
Electroencephalography (EEG) Electrical brain activity - Delta-power Fz-Cz (eyes open)
- Theta-power Fz-Cz (eyes closed)
- Beta-power Fz-Cz (eyes open)
- Gamma-power Pz-O2 (eyes open)
- Delta-power Pz-O2 (eyes open)
- Gamma-power Pz-O1 (eyes closed)
- Alpha-power Fz-Cz (eyes open)
- Theta-power Pz-O1 (eyes open)
- Gamma-power Fz-Cz (eyes open)
- Alpha-power Pz-O1 (eyes closed)
Finger Tapping Motor activation and fluency - Standard deviation of the mean (dominant hand)
Sustained Attention to Response Task (SART) Vigilance - Total omission errors
- Post error slowing
N-Back Working memory - Number correct—number incorrect/total for one back
Milner Maze test (MMT) Spatial working memory - Reversed total illegal moves
- Immediate total repeat errors
- Immediate total illegal moves
- Delayed total illegal moves
- Reversed total repeat errors
- Delayed total repeat errors
Face encoding and recognition task (Face) Episodic memory - Number incorrect
  1. Top activities/parameters have more impact on the algorithm than the bottom activities in this table