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Table 4 Significant cis expression quantitative loci (eQTLs) for candidate genes within 3q13.11 region of interest

From: Admixture mapping reveals the association between Native American ancestry at 3q13.11 and reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease in Caribbean Hispanics

Position SNP Gene Z β Allele P FDR
105,108,867 rs6797043 ALCAM -4.89 -0.3429 C 1.29E-06 8.24E-05
107,583,197 rs9875001 BBX 3.72 0.2620 T 2.17E-04 7.43E-03
105,488,134 rs139969708 CBLB 4.01 0.4411 T 7.03E-05 2.85E-03
107,550,819 rs1908324 CD47 3.83 0.2512 T 1.45E-04 5.29E-03
107,917,824 rs9857584 IFT57 6.91 0.6714 C 1.33E-11 1.89E-09
107,823,224 rs80003826 MYH15 -3.92 -0.4498 A 9.85E-05 3.80E-03
  1. Results are filtered to only include those with false discovery rate (FDR) < 0.05, restricted to the SNP with the smallest FDR value. Results for all significant eQTLs are presented in Additional file 8 and the original data can be found at!Synapse:syn17015233. Legend: Position = GRCh37 position of the variant on chromosome 3, Z = Z statistic, β = estimated effect size, allele = effect allele, FDR = false discovery rate