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Table 2 Evidence of association between local ancestry and Alzheimer’s disease in the Caribbean Hispanics

From: Admixture mapping reveals the association between Native American ancestry at 3q13.11 and reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease in Caribbean Hispanics

Chr Position rsID Gene Consequence Ancestry OR (95% CI) P
2q22.2 142,486,253–143,387,612 rs13024316 LRP1B Intron EUR 1.28 (1.13−1.45) 6.82E−04
3q13.11 103,747,624–107,725,831 rs10933849 Intergenic Intergenic NAM 0.58 (0.47−0.73) 8.76E−07
6q22.31 123,548,997–123,838,033 rs6940177 TRDN Intron NAM 1.44 (1.19−1.75) 9.54E−04
8q24.22 135,308,849–135,856,404 rs4308771 RP11-513H8.1 Intron NAM 1.36 (1.12−1.65) 5.41E−04
9p21.3 22,207,037–22,870,294 rs4977586 Intergenic Intergenic NAM 0.70 (0.56−0.87) 4.56E−04
14q12 32,485,703–33,033,695 rs1952961 RP11-187E13.2 Intron AFR 0.81 (0.71−0.93) 7.24E−04
19p13.3 266,034–1,505,874 rs3787017 PALM Intron AFR 1.29 (1.14−1.47) 4.26E−04
  1. Values are given for the SNP with the smallest P value per locus. Definitions: Chr = chromosome, Position = base pair position in NCBI37/hg19 genome build, Lead SNP = single-nucleotide polymorphism with the smallest P value within each LD-block, Ancestry = African (AFR), European (EUR), and Native American (NAM), OR = odds ratio, genome-wide significant evidence for association = P < 5E−05, suggestive evidence for association = P < 0.001. The block with significant evidence for association is highlighted in bold font. All intronic variants are canonical transcripts. Results for each block associated with Alzheimer’s disease at each locus are provided in Additional file 2