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Table 4 Efficacy of CMPT experimental interventions

From: Protocols for cognitive enhancement. A user manual for Brain Health Services—part 5 of 6

  1. Legend: The majority of these studies used a Time x Intervention design to check whether there was a differential effect on the studied outcome-dependent variable (objective memory for instance). This table summarizes the effects found by each study for all outcomes of interest (dependent variables): “Yes” corresponds to a significant effect on that outcome; “No” means that the interaction was not significant; “NA” was used when the design was not “Time x Intervention”; white cells represent the outcomes targeted by each study, whereas gray cells are outcomes not addressed within a study
  2. Abbreviations: Interv. intervention, Cog Fct: cognitive function, RP repeated practice, SL strategic learning, PT physical training; Subj. Mem. subjective memory, Obj. Mem. objective memory, EF & Att executive functions and attention, MetaMem. metamemory, Cog. cognition, Generalis. generalization to daily life, QoL quality of life