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Table 1 Antibodies used in IHC

From: The molecular tweezer CLR01 improves behavioral deficits and reduces tau pathology in P301S-tau transgenic mice

Target Antibody/antigen Dilution Source Secondary antibody Dilution Source
p-Tau AT8 (pSer202, pThr205) 1:200 ThermoFisher AlexaFluor555 (anti-mouse) 1:200 ThermoFisher
Microglia Iba1 1:100 Abcam AlexaFluor647 (anti-rabbit) 1:200 ThermoFisher
Astrocytes GFAP 1:200 Cell Signaling AlexaFluor594 (anti-mouse) 1:200 ThermoFisher
Neuronal Nuclei NeuN 1:100 Cell Signaling AlexaFluor647 (anti-rabbit) 1:200 ThermoFisher
Postsynapse Homer 1:2000 Synaptic System AlexaFluor594 (anti-guinea pig) 1:500 Synaptic System
Presynapse Bassoon 1:200 Synaptic System AlexaFluor647 (anti-rabbit) 1:500 ThermoFisher