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Table 4 Cost and effectiveness of using Souvenaid under different scenarios

From: Economic evaluation of supplementing the diet with Souvenaid in patients with prodromal Alzheimer’s disease

Scenario Perspective Treatment indication Diagnostic test costs ∆ Costs (€) ∆ Effects (QALY) ICUR (€/QALY)
Baseline Societal Only MCI Included 2633 0.12 22,743
1 Societal Only MCI Not included − 394 0.12 Dominant
2 Societal MCI and mild AD Included 7803 0.32 24,392
3 Societal MCI and mild AD Not included 4296 0.36 12,076
  1. Societal perspective: includes formal costs, informal costs and caregiver quality of life
  2. QALY quality-adjusted life year, ICUR incremental cost-utility ratio, MCI mild cognitive impairment, AD Alzheimer’s disease