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Table 3 Average power correlations

From: Age and APOE genotype affect the relationship between objectively measured physical activity and power in the alpha band, a marker of brain disease

Variable OLD34 YOUNG33
N Rho p value n Rho p value
Total gray matter 16 0.624 0.012* 43 − 0.017 0.915
Precuneus 16 0.515 0.044* 42 0.117 0.460
Hippocampus 16 0.271 0.310 43 − 0.081 0.605
Episodic memory 11 0.881 < 0.001* 43 0.181 0.246
Working memory 16 0.587 0.017* 43 − 0.220 0.156
  1. Results for the Spearman correlation analyses between average power in the significant cluster and different measures of structural integrity and memory performance, including total gray matter (GM), hippocampus, and precuneus volumes (bilateral average, in mm3); episodic memory (Logical Memory II Index: immediate and delayed recall for gist); and working memory (Digit Span Index: direct and reverse). Correlation analyses were carried out for the two subgroups that showed a positive relationship between physical activity and alpha power in the significant cluster: old E3/E4—OLD34—and young E3/E3—YOUNG33. P values lower than 0,05 are indicated with an asterisk and marked in bold. Only old E3/E4 presented an association between alpha power and cognitive performance/GM volumes