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Table 2 AAL ROIs that were partially captured by the significant cluster

From: Age and APOE genotype affect the relationship between objectively measured physical activity and power in the alpha band, a marker of brain disease

ROI Percentage of ROI occupied
Right precentral gyrus 88.89
Right postcentral gyrus 63.64
Left precuneus 67.86
Left middle occipital lobe 58.62
Right superior parietal gyrus 83.33
Left superior parietal gyrus 81.25
Right angular gyrus 72.22
Left postcentral gyrus 35.29
Right inferior parietal gyrus 100.00
Right superior frontal gyrus 25.81
Right precuneus 38.10
Right inferior frontal gyrus, opercular 46.15
Left superior occipital lobe 54.55
Right cingulate gyrus, middle part 33.33
Left cuneus 45.45
Right supramarginal gyrus 50.00
  1. Listed are the regions of interest (ROIs) from the Automated Anatomical Labeling (AAL) atlas that are part of the significant cluster where physical activity correlates with power in the alpha band. It shows as well the percentage of each ROI that is captured by that cluster