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Table 6 Confirmatory multivariable analyses for the association between extracranial carotid and intracranial arterial stenosis and HVa in the CI group

From: Association of carotid and intracranial stenosis with Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers

AD biomarker Variables Type of stenosis B SE p
Neurodegeneration biomarker HVa Any intracranial stenosis − 84.119 158.679 0.597
Number of stenotic intracranial arteries ≥ 2 − 428.816 184.921 0.021*
  1. Covariates for confirmatory multivariable analyses include age, sex, APOE4 carrier status, and clinical diagnosis (mild cognitive impairment or AD dementia). Units for AD biomarker variables are as follows: SUVR for global Aβ, mm for AD-CT, and mm3 for HVa. When Bonferroni-corrected p value was applied for confirmatory multivariable analyses regarding neurodegeneration biomarkers, the association between presence of number of stenotic intracranial arteries ≥ 2 and lower HVa in the CI group remained significant
  2. AD Alzheimer’s disease, CI cognitively impaired, SE standard error, SUVR standardized uptake value ratio, HVa hippocampal volume adjusted for intracranial volume
  3. aNo significant findings in the exploratory univariable analyses step regarding Aβ biomarker and AD-CT
  4. *p < 0.05 (before Bonferroni correction)
  5. p < 0.025 (Bonferroni-corrected p < 0.05/2 = 0.025 was used as a statistical threshold)