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Table 4 Confirmatory multivariable analyses for the association between extracranial carotid and intracranial arterial stenosis and neurodegeneration biomarkers in the CN group

From: Association of carotid and intracranial stenosis with Alzheimer’s disease biomarkers

AD biomarker Variables Type of stenosis B SE p
Neurodegeneration biomarker AD-CT Any extracranial carotid stenosis − 0.051 0.033 0.121
Any intracranial stenosis − 0.033 0.020 0.104
Number of stenotic intracranial arteries ≥ 2 − 0.040 0.025 0.113
Anterior circulation − 0.024 0.021 0.254
Posterior circulation − 0.074 0.034 0.030*
HVa Any intracranial stenosis − 30.760 95.491 0.748
  1. Covariates for confirmatory multivariable analyses include age, sex, and APOE4 carrier status. Units for AD biomarker variables are as follows: SUVR for global Aβ, mm for AD-CT, and mm3 for HVa. When Bonferroni-corrected p value (p < 0.05/6 = 0.008) was applied for confirmatory multivariable analyses regarding neurodegeneration biomarkers, these associations were not significant, although posterior circulation stenosis showed a trend for association with reduced AD-CT
  2. AD Alzheimer’s disease, CN cognitively normal, SE standard error, AD-CT Alzheimer’s disease-signature cortical thickness, HVa hippocampal volume adjusted for intracranial volume
  3. aNo significant findings in the exploratory univariable analyses step regarding Aβ biomarker
  4. *p < 0.05 (before Bonferroni correction)