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Table 7 Repurposing agents currently in the European Alzheimer’s Disease development pipeline (as of February 27, 2020)

From: Repurposed agents in the Alzheimer’s disease drug development pipeline

Agent name Phase(s) Agent mechanism class Therapeutic purpose under study Drug class FDA-approved indication(s) Therapeutic field EudraCT ID ( ID)
ALZT-OP1a, ALZT-OP1b (cromolyn with and without ibuprofen) III Anti-amyloid, anti-inflammatory Reduce neuronal damage; mast cells may also play a role in amyloid pathology (DMT) Mast cell stabilizer Bronchial asthma; mastocytosis Pulmonary 2015-002147-34 (NCT02547818)
Cannabidiol II Neurotransmitter-based Improve neuropsychiatric symptoms (agitation) Cannabinoid Seizures (Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome) Neurologic 2019-002106-52
Dronabinol II Neurotransmitter-based Improve neuropsychiatric symptoms (agitation) Synthetic delta-9-THC AIDS-associated anorexia; antiemetic for chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting Neurologic 2011-005289-39*
Epoetin alfa II Anti-inflammatory, metabolic Reduce neuronal injury (DMT); improve neuropsychiatric symptoms (depression) Erythropoiesis-stimulating agent Anemia (chronic kidney disease, zidovudine treatment, chemotherapy); reduction of red blood cell transfusion Hematologic-oncologic 2008-000453-35
Levetiracetam II Neuroprotective Reduce amyloid induced neuronal hyperactivity (DMT) Anticonvulsant Adjunct therapy for partial-onset seizures; juvenile myoclonic epilepsy; primary generalized tonic-clonic seizures Neurologic 2016-003109-32 (NCT03489044)
Levodopa-Carbidopa II Neurotransmitter-based Enhance dopamine neurotransmission (cognitive enhancer) Dopamine prodrug Parkinson’s disease Neurologic 2009-011093-15
Liraglutide II Metabolic Enhance cell signaling; improve CNS glucose metabolism (DMT) Glucagon-like peptide-1 agonist Adjunct therapy for type 2 diabetes; risk reduction of major cardiovascular events Antidiabetic 2013-000962-13 (NCT01843075)
Masitinib III Anti-inflammatory Activity on mast cells, modulation of inflammatory processes (DMT) Selective tyrosine kinase inhibitor Mast cell tumor (veterinary) Hematologic-oncologic 2010-021218-50 (NCT01872598)
Rosiglitazone III Metabolic PPAR-gamma agonist (cognitive enhancer) Thiazolidinedione Adjunct therapy for type 2 diabetes Antidiabetic 2012-002764-27**
Rotigotine II Neurotransmitter-based Enhance dopamine neurotransmission (cognitive enhancer) Non-ergoline dopamine agonist Parkinson’s disease; restless leg syndrome Neurologic 2015-002965-43*
Thiethylperazine II Anti-amyloid Activates transport protein ABCC1 and enhances transport amyloid-ß peptides from the brain into the blood (DMT) Phenothiazine Nausea/vomiting Neurologic 2014-000870-20
  1. Abbreviations: DMT disease-modifying therapy, THC tetrahydrocannabinol
  2. *Trials that have a “Completed” status as reported on
  3. **Trials that have a “Terminated” status as reported on