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Table 1 List of neuropsychological tests administrated

From: Association of glial and neuronal degeneration markers with Alzheimer’s disease cerebrospinal fluid profile and cognitive functions

Cognitive domain Neuropsychological test Scores (range)
Verbal episodic memory RAVLT immediate recall Free recall—the sum of the number of words recalled from trials 1 through 5 (0 to 75)
RAVLT delayed recall Delayed free recall—number of words recalled after 30-min delay (0 to 15)
RAVLT recognition—false positives Recognition—number of words recognized from a list of 45 words. Number of false positives subtracted from the score (− 30 to 15)
Story immediate recall Recall of a story containing 25 ideas (0 to 25)
Story delayed recall Recall of a story containing 25 ideas again after 30-min delay (0 to 25)
Non-verbal episodic memory ROCF immediate recall Complicated drawing reproduced (0 to 36)
ROCF delayed recall Complicated drawing reproduced again after 30-min delay (0 to 36)
Language Verbal fluency animals Number of animal names produced in 60 s
Verbal fluency H+S Number of words that begin with H/S in 60 s
Processing speed TMT-A Time in seconds to connect a set of 25 numbered dots in sequential order
Stroop test, part I Time in seconds to read a set of color words written in black
Executive functions DSST Number of symbols correctly produced in 120 s
TMT-B Time in seconds to connect 25 targets, alternating between numbers and letters
Stroop 4th/3rd part Part 3—time in seconds it takes to name squares of given colors
Part 4—time in seconds it takes to name the color of a word
  1. Abbreviations: RAVLT Rey Auditory Verbal Learning Test, ROCF Rey–Osterrieth complex figure, DSST Digit symbol substitution test, TMT Trail Making Test